Drawing Down

Exhibition Dates: April 19 – May 31, 2019
with an opening reception Friday, April 19 from 6:00 – 9:00pm

The exhibition Drawing Down will explore the intersection between the practices of drawing and materials commonly used in jewelry-making. The word draw has many meanings: to produce a likeness or representation by making lines on a surface, to spread or elongate metal by hammering or by pulling through dies, to attract, to design or describe in detail, to formulate. In the exhibition Drawing Down, we aim to reflect this range of definitions and draw comparisons between the contemporary jewelry field and the sphere of visual art (specifically drawing and 2-D art) through their shared techniques, materials, and practices.

Drawing Down features the work of artists Lynn Batchelder, Christopher Batten, Jim Bove, Kat Cole, Margo Csipo, Robyn Ellenbogen, Sarah Holden, Blaine Hurdel, Valerie James, Heidi Lowe, Tom Mazzullo, Cynthia Myron, Mike Nichols, Carol Prusa, Tina Rath, Sarah Roberts, Kristal Romano, Hilary Sanders, Susan Schwalb, Joseph Jay Shetler, Caitlin Skelcey, Yue Tan, Amelia Toelke, Timothy Veske-McMahon, Katherine Vetne, and Dongyi Wu.