We educate and inspire new and established artists, as well as promote metalsmithing and art jewelry to the general public through exhibitions, community and educational outreach.


The Baltimore Jewelry Center is an educational nonprofit building a vibrant creative community for the study and practice of metalsmithing and art jewelry.


We envision Baltimore reconnected to its rich history of metalsmithing and jewelry. New generations of art jewelers will preserve and evolve the field through practice and education.

Pearls, Ruff, Lace, Power

a solo exhibition by Sarah Holden

Opening Saturday, February 23 with a happy hour from 6-9pm

I source and celebrate imagery and histories of women that rebel against cultural expectations of how women are supposed to act. Working inside this contested space I use traditional and non-traditional craft techniques to challenge these expectations by creating a role reversal through material. If steel represents the masculine and fiber represents the feminine, how can I reverse their expected gender associations and challenge the status quo?


Happenings – Events – Exhibitions

Let’s Make something together at this years American Craft Council Show, February 23 + 24!

Explore the collection at the Walters Art Museum in our 4-week class Art History: Mining the Museum.

Add color to your metal with Anodizing! Sign up today, class starts March 6th!

The Baltimore Jewelry Center is an independent educational nonprofit organization growing a vibrant creative community for the study and practice of metalworking for new and established artists in Baltimore. Your tax deductible donation will directly support a student who wants to rent studio time, take a class, or sign up for a workshop.