Time Shares

Exhibition Dates: Aug. 24-Sept. 14, 2018
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pening reception of Time Shares Friday, August 24, 6:00 – 9:00pm

Time Shares is an exhibition showcasing photos by artist Jill Fannon that capture five contemporary jewelers’ work. The images were originally featured in the print journal Bmore Art, Issue 5. These still lifes encourage the viewer to consider the duality of art jewelry, to question how the pieces can exist both as jewelry and as evocative objects. In her photography, Jill has revealed the potential art jewelry has to delight and disarm us, to make us question what makes a wearable object beautiful.

The exhibition will also feature select pieces from the five jewelers whose work is photographed: Amy Klainer, Demitra Thomloudis, Katja Toporski, Mallory Weston, and Elaine Zukowski.