13 More Days To Go! The Indiegogo Campaign!

We are 13 days out from the close of our Indiegogo campaign.
To date we have raised $17,417 (including a few donations that came from outside Indiegogo)! A huge metalsmithing THANK YOU to the 63 funders that have brought us this far:

Kelly & John Irvine, Richard Moore & Mary Raivel, Marcella Mwaisela, Rhiannon Dowling, Meg Reynolds, Whitney Staiger, Karen Richmond, Cerrill Meister, Joseph Method, Carolyn Bujak, John Dao & Gail Regina, Donna Basik, Michael Prada, Ana Galeano, Darragh Brady, Alisha Green, Linn Thorburn, Ron & Fran Wood, Oletha DeVane, Thanh Dao, Barbara Woolf, Maria Louise High, Jeff Martini, David Dao, Miriam Stombler, Charles Butler, Susan Patz, Ron Hansen, Maureen Zent, Boris Bally, Smitten Forum, Eliza Vlasova, Moira Horowitz, Vickie Smith, Becky & Gary McConkey, Rosina Saqib, Lisa Drobek, Annie Chau & Stephen Goodman, Juliet Ames, Michael Schaffer, Margaux Lange, Jenny Windstrup, Rebecca Swanston, Jan Pohlman, Stephen Deets, Susan Milukas, Laura & Jeff Penza, and the numerous anonymous donors!

You can join this list & get our forever thanks + other awesome incentives by making a tax-deductible donation to:


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June 09, 2015 written by Baltimore Jewelry Center Staff 0 comments