Exhibition Calls

Entry Deadline: March 3, 2017

Entry fee: $25, for up to three entries of jewelry

Exhibition description:

Touchy/Feely is an exhibition that will explore the tactile experience of jewelry. Adam Gopnik writes “Touch is the unsung sense--the one that we depend on most and talk about the least...the work of the world is done by handling it. We live by feel.” Jewelry is an intimate and sensual art form, providing a tactile experience for both the wearer and the observer. It’s an excellent medium for exploring the unsung sense of touch.

While most visual art can only be enjoyed through sight, jewelry not only invites, but encourages touch. As makers create work, they engage with their sense of touch, making decisions about materiality, structure, and form that will later engage the observer’s sense of touch, communicating a host of sensations and feelings. A dialogue between the maker and the observer is thus built on the social language of touch.

We are seeking submissions of work that engage the sense of touch, that explore texture and form in ways that invite the viewer to touch the object, whether from a sense of attraction, intrigue, curiosity, or repulsion. The exhibition will be on view from April 14 – June 2, 2017, with an opening reception April 14 and programming events during the exhibition.

About the Baltimore Jewelry Center:

The Baltimore Jewelry Center is a 501c3 educational nonprofit building a vibrant creative community for the study and practice of metalworking for new and established artists. We offer classes, workshops, and studio space rental to anyone with an interest in contemporary jewelry and metalsmithing. In addition to our education program, the Baltimore Jewelry Center helps metal and jewelry artists grow sustainable business practices by offering professional development, sales opportunities, and a promotional platform.

About the curator:

Shane Prada is the Director and a co-founder of the Baltimore Jewelry Center. She has been making jewelry and small sculpture for 6 years, first as a student at the MICA Jewelry Center and now, when she’s not making spreadsheets and grant writing, as a student at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. In her own work, Shane is drawn to color, repetition and texture, and she utilizes handwork and the mark of the hand as a narrative element, a sign of the time and dedication that goes into making. Shane is attracted to jewelry and sculpture that inspires a child-like sense of delight in the onlooker akin to what we all felt (and perhaps still do) in passing by a candy store, that desire to touch and hold and indulge.

Submission guidelines:

Please email images and completed entry forms to bjcexhibitions@gmail.com with “Touchy Feely Entry” in the subject line.

  • Please send jpeg images only, minimum 72 dpi, no smaller than 8 inches on the longest side. You may include one detail image of each piece submitted.
  • Please label each image with your last name, first name, and title. See example below:



Click here for entry form.

Entry checklist:

  • Jpegs of up to 3 entries
  • Completed entry form
  • Entry fee paid through Paypal (bjcexhibitions@gmail.com)


Important Dates:

Entry deadline: March 3, 2017

Artists notified: March 13, 2017

Work must be received by: March 31, 2017

Exhibition dates: April 14 – June 2, 2017

Opening reception: April 14, 2017

Exhibition de-install: June 3 – June 10, 2017

*additional programming to occur during the exhibition

**Please note that jewelry in this exhibition will be touched by visitors to the gallery while under supervision of the staff of the Baltimore Jewelry Center.


While part of the exhibition all work will be insured for the wholesale price. The Baltimore Jewelry Center will insure the work from point of receipt of work (including storage) and through return of the work.

Artists are responsible for shipping and insurance to the Baltimore Jewelry Center. The gallery will be responsible for return shipping, but artists are welcome to prepay for return shipping.


The Artist agrees to provide suitable/durable wrapping, boxing material, and wrapping/boxing instructions for the transport and storage of their work to the Baltimore Jewelry Center.


Work may be for sale or for exhibition only, at the artist’s discretion.

Sales will be split 60/40 retail price between the artist and the Baltimore Jewelry Center.


What does my entry fee support?

  • Promotional/print materials
  • Exhibition install and display materials
  • Shipping and insurance
  • Curator’s time to select and install work
  • Opening reception costs




The Baltimore Jewelry Center also accepts proposals for exhibitions. Email info@baltimorejewelrycenter.org with your proposals.